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With evolution and inheritance playing between species, generations and between the very cells we’re made of… humans seem to be its best result. Having a cranial capacity of 1300 cc, eyes with a contrast ratio of 100 000:1, luminance range of 1014 …. it is but obvious, we’re blessed beings. But in the rush of city […]

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Matters of Solitude

The solitude of one’s self is freedom of mind and is without command for conformity. As a solitudist within myself is found an inner dialogue and is the voice of my soul. And when my eyes close to listen in the humming of silence, memories and pictures present with a slight tilt that refreshes those past moments.

There is a time warp when influence, such as community, is at a distance. There is not a need for communication of my reasoning. Solitude is my truest nature yet I know myself as a tree and at times must validate the forest by participation in the goodness of doing.

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Intelligence of its Own Matter

Intelligence of its Own Matter

Intelligence is a form of energy that is needed for the acuity of perception and the expansion of all parts of the mind. The ability of intelligence to engage one’s curiosity, enhance one’s creative experiences and problem solve with unique ingenuity is invaluable to the human condition as intelligence can change from one way of reasoning to another and perform with the brilliancy of a polished diamond.

However, unlike all forms of energy intelligence must be nourished and the conservation of its energy regulated by the duration of its use over the complexities found in humanity. If these needs are not adequately met intelligence can become unreliable but if so challenged intelligence has the capability to manipulate other forms of energy to extrapolate its recovery.   Artwork of Paul Klee.