Born in my soul is a furious demanding that no rational reasoning has yet to diminish. Across seas on the shores of foreign borders is an abomination that, in real time, fractures my belief in the goodness of humanity.

The imputable acts of torture and the willful cause of abject suffering as standard practice in the Dog Meat Trade is the depravity inherent to societies run by psychopaths who cannot perceive what is outside of human nature and determine what is morally corrupt.

Uncountable numbers residing in uncountable nations constitute the forces of compassion and empathy that will fight for the innocent who are ill-fated in this vile trade. Many nights in the quietness, I make a futile attempt to find the rationale in the absoluteness of misery.  As usual, I only find myself in tears.

The contentious brutality in the Dog and Cat Meat Trade is like the darkness only found in the depths of a frigid sea and the greedy causality is like a shallow river of poisoned water, void of life. Though the minions of evil continue to spill innocent blood so will my comrades and I continue to fight until they are all driven to hell.

4 thoughts on “Outside of Human Nature

  1. This is something I’ve been thinking about lately. When you say, ” uncountable nations constitute the forces of compassion and empathy that will fight for the innocent who are ill-fated in this vile trade.” yet if you are including the US within this description it can be said that they are just as lacking in compassion. Yes, they don’t torture and kill dogs but they do torture and kill pigs, who are just as intelligent and able to show tenderness as dogs. They also torture and slaughter cattle. It is acceptable to many because these animals are still an acceptable source of food. Just as people in some countries find it acceptable to eat insects yet in the US it is seen as disgusting. Eating dogs is part of the culture in many Asian countries.

    For people in the US it seems terrible because dogs here are seen as friends. In India cows are seen as representations of deity so they don’t eat cows while here in the US 10s of millions of cows a month are herded, prodded, pocked and even thrown about on the ground, standing for hours and even days in cattle cars living in fear before they are ruthlessly slaughtered right in front of the other cows who seem to look on in terror.

    This doesn’t seem very compassionate to be but it is acceptable because the society sees them as a food source. There are many things that many different people would like to change about society. They point out their flaws constantly but it is more than just the humans doing these terrible acts, it is ingrained in the cultures. Becoming Vegan is starting to be a trend. It is hopeful for those who want to see the end of the animal trade. But, based on observations from history, trends come and go in the US. What is in today may well not be in tomorrow. Their attention span rarely goes beyond the next tweet or photo on Instagram.

    All in all, it is good to vent of the injustices in life, injustices that are truly uncountable. From destruction of the Earth and climate change, to human trafficking and human slavery. For our own sanity we always hope for the best but, based on observations from history, humans rarely show much compassion as a whole.

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    1. The difference between Factory Farms and the Dog Meat Trade is the goal of each. The goal in the Dog Meat Trade is to torture puppies/dogs and kittens/cats to tenderize its meat. The false belief that the more the dog or cat experiences agony or endures terror and suffering the chemicals released by the victimized dog or cat tenderizes the meat and makes it tastier. This practice is not cultural.

      Factory farming standards of practice, such as, castration of piglets without anesthesia, tail docking, gestational crates, and though after stunned into unconsciousness if the animal regains consciousness their slaughter will continue. This is an egregious practice and challenged by animal rights activists through the introduction of bills to congress in addition to petitions, letters, emails, and tweets to state representatives. Some states have already outlawed gestation crates. All said and done, prolonged, sadistic torture has never been a goal in Factory Farming.

      Blowtorches do not burn conscious cows to death, nor do cleavers chop off the hooves of live animals so they cannot escape. Workers do not throw live piglets into boiling water, they do not gouge out eyes nor do they hang any animal to club its body over a period of days. The Dog Meat Trade is far more egregious for the prolonged, sadistic tormenting of dogs and cats.

      Another difference between Factory Farming and The Dog Meat Trade is the number of organizations in the U.S. working to ban gestational crates, Undercover film by PETA exposes the horrors that we know are inherent to factory farming. Whereas, South Korea and China condone to the horrors inside their countries. If you want to learn, watch this video (with the sound off) it’s graphic and can leave you tramatized. It was taken by Marc Ching who over a several trips took undercover footage in Chinese slaughter houses. He presented the film to congress which promted House Resolution 401, the resolution is being considered by a committee on Asian affairs. Please consider your source when referring this practice as cultural, it is in no way cultural. I have a playlist of video compliation I made over these years on my you tube channel as well. My Channel Click on playlists.


      1. Ive seen the videos on your twitter feed and to me they are no different than the terrors of industrial farms. My point is that it is all the same and all related to the strangeness of human nature. Whether they are killing rhinos for their horns, giraffes and lions by big game hunters or wolves because they take down a fee livestock. The only way to stop it is to stop humanity and when humanity is moving faster and more powerfully than a speeding freight train, the only way to stop humanity is when it comes to a point a derails itself, being that its own narcissism allows it to only change once a tragedy occurs that affects them in such a profound way where they only have one choice and that is to change or die.


      2. How you can compare a dog being skinned alive or dismembered fully conscious howling in agony as his leg is sawed off, is a giant leap that I disagree. The Chinese have perfected their vice. My videos are tame compared to what’s out there.


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