It is said that the vast majority of the 1.8 million Palestinians who are held prisoner by Israel in Gaza approve of Hamas launching patchwork rockets into Israel.New 666

 This false claim is ludicrous considering that for every one rocket launched into Israel twenty sophisticated retaliatory rockets are indiscriminately launched into Gaza. Unsuspecting citizens scramble with their children in tow. Terrorized, they pray to Allah they not be the next family obliviated under piles of rubble.0011

Israel has indiscriminately fired rockets from jet fighters, tanks, and rocket launchers into Gaza causing complete destruction of neighborhoods with a death toll exceeding five hundred children in fifty days. Unabated, Israel has stooped so low as to fire rockets to destroy schools, UN Sanctuaries, and hospitals. 


It is obvious that Israel is using Hamas as a precept to force Palestinian Arabs from the region. 


If ever an illegitimate state caused this degree of suffering to my people or my family I would be filled with vengeful hatred. One can only endure so much insult and injury before the need for Justice pushes one to strike back.

What aggressor would be surprised that Palestinians would strike back? Israel. 0060


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