Pretentious Prestige

The language of opinionated writing with perfectly placed ten-dollar words cast my imagination forward with thoughts and ideas. Not that I will always agree with the conclusion, but the process leaves me with the feeling I have left the country.

Being of privilege and walking with the cultivated rank did not necessarily define the essence of my psyche. Formal education, as I experienced, did not change the defining qualities of who I am to any degree. There are no lines between classes that I would not cross. Shared with anyone I find in need of such are my prerogatives and advantages.

The freedom to expand intellectual confinements is the will to be an autodidact and the depth of one’s curiosity is the motivator. Subsequently, the ignition of the will is an inner influence of the self-disciplined to earnestly seek out the subject matter they wish to learn. The lack of privilege does not affect the potentiality to become something beyond another’s biased expectation.

Unfortunately, the interpretation of aesthetics can become askew for those who are content in the dark and remain ignorant. This ignorance commits one to view the outside world from a dusty window while lacking the desire or mindset to clean the glass.

Humanity will advance the individual or advance the collective, thus, at some point in time, one will find themselves swimming, dancing, warring, pleading, drowning, or convulsing as these are parts of life and can be the instigation for one to desire a change.


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