Across the expanse of the darkening sky, in a sparkle of stars is the prize for the fledgling that asks him not for permission to test the waters.

The horizon in the distance reveals the earth as flat. If one is not fearful of falling such an illusion can be taken as fact. Who would care to lie in the most foolish time of their life? Absorbed by the static waves of grandeur in the hours that arrive are pleasures that should not become a divide.

She does not attend to his silence nor he to her speech though they travel together each to the other has become out of reach. At the edge of an abyss, she does not fret nor consider imaginary sea monsters for they are far behind and cannot exist where they do not belong. 

At dawn, she awakes to the icy choir that cries out a threnody from his heart all for not. By virtue and conceit, it is easy to pause and measure the score of this rhapsody. Ask her to heave lamentable throwbacks over the leviathans. She would, but, not stay long to ponder what will or will not float for she has no doubt of reaching her destination with him or without. 




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