Tonight, I will finish my compilation video titled, My Brother in Arms. It is my way of supporting the ongoing Palestinian prisoners’ hunger “Strike for Dignity”. I bought an editing software program called, filmora, this video will be my first project using the many new capabilities offered. What I did not expect was how the suffering of Palestinians has affected my emotions.

Unfortunately, my knowing has created a conflict between my allegiance to Israel in that “my people” in Israel are the cause of the killing of innocent Palestinians including children. I do not want to identify myself as being Jewish even though I was raised Jewish, lived six months in Israel, resided for two years in a Jewish boarding school where I studied for my Bat Mitzvah, in addition, I married a Jewish man, raised my children as Jews and attended Shabbat services with my children in the same temple as my mother and I had done for decades.

I pray there will come a day that these tears I shed will be for the joy in all humanity. Until then, I must walk aside those treated like sub-humans by those who claim that it is the will of G-d, that victory is the destiny of our people. Therefore, to the Zionists. whether victory is won through the destruction and death of those who came before, then so shall it be done.

Nonetheless, if our G-d judges me as my people have, as a traitor, that they say I have Jewish blood on my hands, then I alone will answer to our G-d. Placed within my heart, soul, and my conscience is the sentiments of justice and virtue to promote the utility of others. Therefore, I must believe and will try to remain confident that G-d would want me to act according to the direction of my will, and so shall that be done.

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