I am always mindful of the egregious torture of the voiceless. Feeling overwhelmed, I cry for the ill-fated awaiting a painful death in the slaughterhouses across Asia. Their pleading eyes capture my empathy and compassion; I see their fear and feel their pain. My emotions sink into an abyss of horror where happiness is replaced with abject heartbreak. Cruelty (3)

Once seen forever to remember the atrocities that are now part of my conscience. I am inextricably linked to the depravity and there is no path of return to the life that was before. When I thought to have seen the worst, I discovered otherwise and, though, there are times I wish to turn away I cannot. The sentiments of morality are the sparks that fuel my fight to help end the agony and suffering brought about by evil minions of the devil. Cruelty 121

Where is the humanity in a society that tolerates such a vile industry as the Dog and Cat Meat Trade? What has happened to the souls of these heartless people who dismiss the outrage in the world community? I must question where the love of God goes when I cannot reason the degree of unspeakable brutality that thrives in these diseased societies that are populated with sadistic psychopaths. Please, Boycott South Korean and Chinese imports.

caged (4)“We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” ~ Anonymous
#StopYulinForever #DogMeatBooklet #HelpNamiKim

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