Entering the fourth year since my diagnosis with glaucoma, I told a friend that my visual loss was not so bad because unless someone pointed out what I could not see I am not aware of the fact. How shallow my thinking, I  learned today that visual loss no matter what is devastating. 

Over the last few months, my monitor displays colors that are distorted or static. Today, I was to complete my twenty-second video but the monitor took its last volt making that impossible.

Investigating what could be done to fix the problem, I discovered both the monitor and computer have an HDMI port. Having HDMI cables in the closet, I connected the two and was blown away by the sharp images displayed. In the background of photographs that I had viewed hundreds of times, I could see objects I had no idea were there. Overwhelmed, the photographs of my daughter and grandson brought me to tears. They were amazingly vivid, I touched the displayed image of my daughter; she was more beautiful than my vision had allowed me to know.

Thinking that my videos would probably also be different, I viewed all twenty-one of them. Afterward, the enormity was such that I could not deny glaucoma has a profound effect on my interpretation of reality. If someone asks me about glaucoma, I will answer that the loss of vision is far worse than one can ever imagine.

If you read to this point, please take heed. There are two ways to learn you have glaucoma, one is by an eye exam the other is when your optic nerves have become permanently damaged and then you schedule an appointment with an optometrist, but by then, it’s too late. >  www.webmd.com/eye-health/glaucoma-eyes#1

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