She’s a survivor, they said,
of a childhood made up by days of sexual abuse, physical and verbal abuse, abandonment and neglect.
A survivor, they said,
of teenage years made up by days of drugs, promiscuity, belligerence, loneliness, juvenile detention, and boarding school.
She really is a survivor, they said,
to have made it to early adulthood after being a victim of incestual rape, parented by a vengeful mother, and an absent alcoholic father.
She’s a survivor who became the fearless fighter they now say she is, made up by days of antipsychotic medications, hospitalizations, depression, solitude, tears and the memories of all those days that were.
She’s a fearless fighter they have forgotten, living in days made up by more days. Her life is like a speeding train without a conductor that is racing downhill on twisted tracks that lead to nowhere. She’s a fearless fighter, she’ll survive ’cause that’s what fighters do; they survive. 

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