I felt doomed the day I learned of this disease that is slowly taking my vision away. I still will not consider nor conceive how my life will continue when I cannot see. The leaves dangling from branches of trees and colorful flowers on their stem with circling bees. White drifting clouds in the sky simply passing by and the delicate lines that define precious faces that are dear, for that loss alone I shed these tears.

Where can I escape this gripping fear for knowing all will disappear? I now wish to be among the stars, near the sun or beside the moon. I now wish to be anywhere, somewhere, just not here.


Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness across the globe. This eye disease is asymptomatic, and you will not be aware you have it until your optic nerves are permanently damaged.  Early detection is one’s best chance of slowing the progression of glaucoma. Make an appointment with an optometrist as soon as possible.


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