gaza-israeli-graphIsrael routinely launches missiles into Gaza without concern of what or who the missiles blow up. The graph shows the stark imbalance between Israeli and Palestinian deaths, which one could claim as Israel’s mass killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Israel deliberately targets schools and hospitals just like in Aleppo, but you don’t hear about Gaza.
Husband/Father – Gaza City
On the night his house was bombed he was working as a security guard for the agency U.N.
My neighbors came to tell me what had happened. I didn’t know if my children were alive. Straight away, I went to the nearby hospital. I found my wife, my son, Diya al-Din aged 14, my daughter, Rama aged 12, my four and a half-year-old son, and my second daughter one year and three months old. All of them were torn apart, they were all dead.
The Mousa family, Sabra District – Gaza City
On January 14th the father, the mother, three sons, and one daughter were killed inside their home when it was destroyed by Israeli missiles that dropped from the sky. The neighbors said, suddenly we could hear a plane coming down a bit and then going up again and then we heard the rockets. All the neighbors gathered to say, there is an attack on Abuwalo’s house.
Husband/Father – Khaled Abed Rabbo – East of Jabalia, Gaza
His mother, wife, and his two sons were ordered out of their house by Israeli Soldiers. Outside were three Israeli tanks. A soldier in one of the tanks opened fire on the family group. Two-year-old, Jamal, was shot nine times, seven-year-old, Salud, was shot twelve times. The father told delegates from Amnesty International, I wish the Israeli Army had taken my blood and not the blood of my children. They left me watching my children dying. I appeal to all of the human rights organizations, I appeal to the free world, and to everybody who has a conscience to treat the cases of the children with humanity.
A teenager who had witnessed the carnage asked, what is our sin? There are no rebellious groups in our neighborhood. Why are they (Israelis) harming us? We just want our rights, just that. We want to live like any other girls, any other women, any other man in any other country. We want to live like them.
In the twenty-three days of the conflict, 1,400 Gaza civilians were dead, including 300 children. In the same period, 3 Israeli civilians and 6 Israeli Soldiers were killed.
What country funds Israel so it can (as the graph shows) launch purposeful attacks into Gaza and overkill civilians without ill-repute? Of course, the United States, to the tune of $10.3 million dollars per day. Every day, $10.3 million U.S. taxpayer dollars is given (NOT LOANED) to Israel. Support #FreeGaza #BoycottIsrael

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