There is a HORRIFIC EVIL thriving in the DOG MEAT FACTORIES in China and South Korea, unfortunately, too many people are unaware. As part of my activism against this depravity, I uploaded a video to my Facebook Timeline. The video was the least graphic I could find that showed the suffering and torture being perpetrated against defenseless dogs as part of the killing process.

After several days, not one of my FB friends viewed my posted video. Out of frustration, I wrote a comment to my friends, it read, “If you cannot view this video because you are too sensitive or too afraid to bear witness the LEAST YOU CAN DO is show your support against this atrocity by supporting the website of Animal Hope and Wellness. The LEAST YOU CAN DO is become indirectly involved and sign the petitions that ask for the closure of these miserable factories. The LEAST YOU CAN DO is spread your awareness of this brutality to others you know. The LEAST YOU CAN DO is join the ongoing boycott of Chinese and South Korean goods. The LEAST YOU CAN DO is whatever you think is the LEAST YOU CAN DO, AT LEAST DO something.” Some reacted by un-friending me while others, like my daughter, asked me not to post any more graphic photos. After a year, my once sanctuary like timeline has become a mixture of nightmares and rainbows. Recently, I realized that time spent on my page gave me the feeling I had been placed in a locked mental facility.

Of all my friends, I think myself the one who would be broken beyond repair by this industry’s abject inhumanity. Honestly, I have been broken many times, but I pick up the pieces of myself, wash them off with a flood of tears, and continue. Because, no matter the sacrifice and tears that are necessary to brave this horror, to know of it and not speak up is a worse feeling than to do something about it accept the pain and sacrifice as payment for holding to one’s convictions.

THE LEAST I COULD DO for my Facebook friends and myself was to create a Facebook Community Page (Dog’s Right to Life @AnimalActivist) and separate the virtue from the vice. As a reward for this effort, I now have the return of my sanctuary that I fill with other passions I have in heart, those that feel like promises, art, and poetry.

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