Imagine this. You stop taking your bipolar medication because you read several articles that claim these medications do not work and are prescribed by psychiatrists who are in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies to make money. Weeks later you become so clinically depressed you have to be hospitalized to stabilize yourself back on the medication.

Your adult nephew is left with the key to your home so he can care for your dogs. Ten days later you return home still depressed only to find your flat screen television is gone and other expensive items as well. When you call your nephew he denies ever seeing your TV and remarks “they let you out too soon.” He claims he has no idea where your belongings are. Later, you find clear evidence he stole your possessions.

You empty your savings account to replace the stolen items. That same day you inadvertently drop your smartphone in with a load of laundry. You use your overdraft protection to replace the smartphone. The very next week you drop your new smartphone and shatter the screen.

You reason it is not the end of the world and try to stay focused on your recovery while fighting to stay positive. Unbelievably, the following week your computer monitor malfunctions and has to be replaced, but having spent all your money you have no choice but to try to do what you can with a monitor that displays distorted images.

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