The Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act was introduced a year or so ago to halt the protection of illegal immigrants by what are termed, “sanctuary cities.” Most illegal immigrants are hardworking, law-abiding people, however, these qualities do not denote a free pass into our country.

Nonetheless, city authorities are turning a blind eye to the status of known illegals within their boundary enabling the illegal to escape deportation. Apparently, the primary motivation of those in authority is the belief that trust is formed between immigrant communities and local police. Opponents suggest the attitude of say nothing do nothing will encourage illegals, who happen to witness a crime, to come forward and tell all. Do they really believe an illegal will gladly step forward since they are convinced that they will not be deported? That expectation is as ludicrous as Menendez’ stating that the act itself was a “nativist and xenophobic campaign.”

However, when candidates run for the presidency immigration most always becomes a campaign issue. What is new to me is the existence of these “sanctuary cities.” I cannot imagine how the benefit of trust or eye witness testimony would outweigh the cost to support those illegal immigrants who fall into our social programs or welfare system, in addition to their children who become enrolled in our over-crowed public schools. I can only hope that the authorities require or at least encourage the illegal immigrants in their city to enroll in a remedial English class. That, at the very least, would be beneficial to the whole of American society.

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