Apparently, the G force is real, so I lost control of my car when I was speeding and tried to make it around a sharp curve. I remember the one four letter word I spoke before all hell broke loose. My car, with me seat belted in, was crushed like an aluminum can as it bounced off trees, rock gardens, and skid 80 feet before hitting a large oak tree head on.

It was after 10 p.m. and the area was completely dark; Until I un-clicked the seat belt and fell to the bottom which was actually the top of my car I didn’t realize the car landed upside down. Oil was dripping on the hot engine causing smoke to enter the car and the worst part of all, my CD player was screaming out the words, “Come on Baby Light My Fire.”I tried everything to get out of the car. It was just minutes before rescue showed up and used the Jaws of life.

They said it was a miracle that the only injury I received was a seat belt burn across my upper body. Did I panic? Yes, for two reasons the smell of burning oil and Jim Morrison’s loud voice.


5 thoughts on “The Long Way Home

    1. I just tried to visit your blog and it read that is was taken down. Suppose I’ll try again. I am so lucky to have escaped death that night. The real cause of the accident had to do with being young and more concerned with appearance than safety. I had left an affluent restaurant that had valet parking. When I realized I was driving in the wrong direction I made a U-turn. I didn’t want the valets to know and as I approached the curve I was looking in the rearview mirror to see if they noticed me, when I turned my attention back to the road it was too late. How stupid can stupid get?

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      1. Omg I’m glad you are ok, car accidents are my worse fear. My son just got a motor cycle and it scares me to death everytime he rides. Just so glad you are ok! Yeah they said a lot blogs were doing that, I don’t know but try again! Have a bless week

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      2. See I just sent you a long message and it said error, I don’t know what’s going on. Well glad you are ok, car accidents are my worse fear. My son just got a motor cycle and it scares me every time he rides. Have a bless week!


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