Can God Exist?

A God that is claimed to have human emotions such as anger and jealousy suggests that this God would also possess the capacity for compassion and empathy.

History has shown, humanity is subject to natural conditions that cause great suffering and by humanity itself is brought great suffering onto innocent beings who prayed for God’s divine intervention. In that depravity exists everywhere it is believable that humanity’s suffering is not considered by God or that God is not all powerful and cannot intervene. Where in the history of mankind are examples of God’s benevolence? Where is God’s goodness that one should be grateful for?

With the advancement of our understanding of the natural world, with the mathematical connection made between Chaos and Order, and Quantum Mechanics’ confirmation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has deepened my questioning of whether God can exist?

The speed at which a second light does travel is 186,000 miles per second, so fast that there is no past, no present or future; there are moments in time that are perceptions relative to something still or moving in space and the combination of these two, time and space, alters a person’s perception.

All things considered, it is more likely that reality is a Conditioned-Causal-Continuity and is made of a no-thing-ness. The human need to believe in God is for the weak minded who must have a greater purpose for their being other than their just being.

As humanity advances, if not to annihilate their species, will continue to unravel the strings that weave through the universe laying out the stones on which to step toward empirical truths waiting to be seen.

5 thoughts on “Can God Exist?

      1. My sentiments exactly. I lost years of poetry I had written, before computers and zip drives, the ending of one on this subject was, “And when the angel of death comes for my soul, I shall go willingly. And when I am face to face with his almighty, I will smirk and say, You My Lord owe me a refund.

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