Intelligence is a form of energy that is needed for the acuity of perception and the expansion of all parts of the mind. The ability of intelligence to engage one’s curiosity, enhance one’s creative experiences and problem solve with unique ingenuity is invaluable to the human condition as intelligence can change from one way of reasoning to another and perform with the brilliancy of a polished diamond.

However, unlike all forms of energy intelligence must be nourished and the conservation of its energy regulated by the duration of its use over the complexities found in humanity. If these needs are not adequately met intelligence can become unreliable but if so challenged intelligence has the capability to manipulate other forms of energy to extrapolate its recovery.   Artwork of Paul Klee.

One thought on “Intelligence of its Own Matter

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog after seeing your comment on The Poetry of List-making and have only read this post but it was an absolute pleasure to read for the language, subject, rhythm and of course intelligence


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