I Can No Longer be That Jew

In my adult life, I have disregarded claims and argued against those who did claim that the State of Israel was built on land stolen from the Palestinian people. My belief that the Palestinians were liars and terrorists was developed without substantive proof. As a child in the sixties, growing up in the Temple and being indoctrinated into the conformities of Judah, I had no reason to doubt those I trusted and others in authority. 

Several months ago, after a heated on-line debate over the subject, I did locate documentation that pertained to the granting of some land in Palestine to the Jews by the British who at the time ruled the area. This was enough to settle the matter, thinking I was was right once again.

However, I skimmed over what also was documented because I wasn’t looking for contradiction only confirmation. Having bookmarked the page for future reference, I returned after a few days to read what I skimmed over, that was the documentation on pre-WWII Palestine of which I had no knowledge of its existence.

“Truth can be hidden, but it can never be put to death.”

What I learned was what happened to the Palestinian people after the influx of Zionist Jews with the financial backing of the Rothschilds. The truth is summed up by one word, NAKBA – “the catastrophe” – and one date, MAY 16, 1948. To substantiate what happened are several videos that capture the exodus of entire Palestinian families carrying their belongings and leaving as commanded by the Zionists.

Also taped is what happened next. The empty buildings were bulldozed to the ground leaving no trace of what had been. Then construction starts by the Zionists, the rightful owners of the land promised to them thousands of years earlier by God. The Zionist rejoiced without thought to the suffering of the Palestinians whose fate they appeared to care less.

As a Jew, I am ashamed to be associated with those whose behavior was callous. I apologize to the Palestinian people for my ignorance throughout these decades. Though I find my apology is insufficient to address the continuance and degree of your people’s suffering behind the walls of outrage that is the ghetto of Gaza.



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